Helmut Erler - Audio mastering for digital and analog since 1998.
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records are traces of sound and a path we can take
any other time
they are magic
so are you

Helmut's engineering work has been shaping the widely known Berlin sound of electronic music for hundreds of internationally successful artists, DJs and record labels. His extensive work experience in mastering audio, refining the performance, calibration & maintenance of record cutting lathes is extremely rare and valuable to the world-wide Disk Mastering community. His innovations help current engineers optimize their workflow, save time and valuable resources and deliver highest audio quality. (The Sapphire mastering conference)

Discography from Substance, Mystica Tribe, Trans A.M., Berghain/Ostgut Ton to Alvin Lucier, Zeitkratzer and many more... -> Discogs

audio mastering - ultrafast turnaround - direct communication:

I recommend to have mastering, cutting preparation and master-cut in one hand for vinyl production.
But I do 'mastering for digital only' as well as 'mastering for vinyl and digital' and 'cutting preparation only'.
You can choose any combination of the services.


lacquer cut:

other services:

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